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Slime is a sticky toy, also known as slime or viscous substance. It is made of glue, boric acid and water, and can usually be added with Food coloring, glitter and other additives to increase color and luster.
Slime is characterized by its high viscosity and scalability. It can be stretched, kneaded, bounced, and squeezed, making people feel interesting and satisfied. Slime has a soft and viscous texture with a unique touch, often used for relaxation and stress relief.
Slime toys can stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Children can use different colors of Slime to mix, separate, imitate, and form various shapes and patterns. They can also add small particles, beads, or toys to add texture and fun.


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The factory was founded in 1995, covers an area of 45000 square meters, and has more than 200 workshop employees, and 60 management and technical staff. There are 12 mix machines, 24 injection molding machines, 18 automatic packing machines, and 6 assembly lines. QIAOYI has the adult BSCI, Sedex, Scan, FSC forest certificate, GCC, Wal-Mart, and Target factory inspection, and also has domestic 3C certification and IS09001 quality management system certification. We have OEM and ODM two patterns. All the Slime products can pass the European and American standards, and now we have the reports of EN71, USP, BP, TRA, LHAMA, and MSDS. Our principle is "quality good, customer good", we sincerely welcome you to discuss business and have cooperated.

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Slime Industry Knowledge Extension

1. Slime Toys - Unleashing Creativity in Play

Parents often hear about Slime Toys, but what sets them apart as a creative play option for children, and how do these toys contribute to a child's development and entertainment?

Slime Toys have gained immense popularity for their ability to provide a unique and engaging sensory experience for children. One of the primary advantages of Slime Toys is their versatility in fostering creativity. Manufacturers design slime with a pleasingly squishy and stretchy texture, allowing children to experiment with various shapes, patterns, and textures, thereby enhancing their fine motor skills.

These toys are not only entertaining but also serve as an outlet for imaginative play. The endless possibilities of molding and reshaping slime encourage children to explore their creativity, promoting cognitive development and problem-solving skills. The tactile nature of slime also contributes to sensory play, providing a relaxing and stress-relieving experience for children.

In terms of safety, reputable manufacturers prioritize the use of non-toxic ingredients in slime formulations. Parents can find assurance in selecting slime products that adhere to stringent safety standards, ensuring a safe play experience for their children. Packaging often includes clear guidelines on age-appropriateness and safe usage, further supporting a secure play environment.

The Slime Toys manufacturers highlight the vibrant colors, unique textures, and creative potential of Slime Toys. Emphasizing the sensory benefits, cognitive development, and safety features can attract parents looking for a multifaceted and engaging play option for their children.

2. Crystal Slime Putty Toys - The Allure of Shimmering Creativity

For parents curious about Crystal Slime Putty Toys, what makes them different from traditional slime, and how do these toys offer a captivating play experience while potentially providing additional benefits?

Crystal Slime Putty Toys bring an extra layer of fascination to the world of sensory play, setting them apart from traditional slime options. The primary advantage lies in the visually appealing, crystal-clear appearance of the putty. Manufacturers formulate Crystal Slime Putty with a translucent quality, often infused with shimmering particles or crystal-like components, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the play experience.

One notable feature of Crystal Slime Putty is its pliability and stretchability, allowing children to create intricate shapes and patterns. The inclusion of sparkling elements adds a touch of magic, making the playtime experience more visually stimulating and engaging. This visual appeal can contribute to enhancing a child's sense of aesthetics and creativity.

Like traditional slime, Crystal Slime Putty Toys maintain a focus on safety. Reputable manufacturers ensure that the materials used in the putty are non-toxic, and the product complies with safety standards. Parents can confidently choose Crystal Slime Putty as a captivating play option that also prioritizes their child's well-being.

In marketing Crystal Slime Putty Toys, manufacturers often highlight the dazzling visual aspects, unique textures, and the creative potential these toys offer. Emphasizing the sensory benefits, enhanced aesthetics, and safety features can attract parents seeking a visually enchanting and safe play option for their children.

The Slime Toys and Crystal Slime Putty Toys offer children captivating and multifaceted play experiences, each with its unique advantages. Slime Toys, known for their stretchy and squishy textures, serve as a versatile outlet for creativity, fostering cognitive development and fine motor skills. Manufacturers prioritize safety, using non-toxic materials to provide a secure play environment.

Parents navigating the world of sensory play can find assurance in the careful design and safety considerations taken by manufacturers in both Slime Toys and Crystal Slime Putty Toys. Whether it's the stretchy versatility of traditional slime or the enchanting aesthetics of crystal putty, these toys offer a delightful balance of creativity, entertainment, and safety for children's playtime enjoyment.