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Foam clay is a kind of light clay, also known as foam clay or foam clay. It is a soft clay made of foam particles, adhesives, pigments and other materials. Different from traditional clay, foam clay is light and fluffy, similar to foam.
Foam clay has many unique characteristics. Firstly, it is very lightweight, making it suitable for making large models and structures without causing too much weight burden. Secondly, foam clay has good plasticity and compressibility, which can be shaped, flattened, kneaded and stretched, allowing people to create various interesting shapes and textures.
Foam clay also has the characteristics of rich and vibrant colors, making the creation more diverse and vivid. It usually has multiple colors to choose from and can be mixed to create unique color effects. In addition, foam clay can also be used in conjunction with other materials such as beads, paper cups, feathers, etc. To add detail and decoration to the work.
Using foam clay for handicraft creation can stimulate creativity and imagination. It is suitable for making various arts and crafts, such as models, sculptures, handmade ornaments, etc. The soft texture and lightness of foam clay make it easy for both children and adults to use and enjoy the fun of creation.


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The factory was founded in 1995, covers an area of 45000 square meters, and has more than 200 workshop employees, and 60 management and technical staff. There are 12 mix machines, 24 injection molding machines, 18 automatic packing machines, and 6 assembly lines. QIAOYI has the adult BSCI, Sedex, Scan, FSC forest certificate, GCC, Wal-Mart, and Target factory inspection, and also has domestic 3C certification and IS09001 quality management system certification. We have OEM and ODM two patterns. All the Foam Clay products can pass the European and American standards, and now we have the reports of EN71, USP, BP, TRA, LHAMA, and MSDS. Our principle is "quality good, customer good", we sincerely welcome you to discuss business and have cooperated.

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Foam Clay Industry Knowledge Extension

1. Foam Clay - Crafting with Creativity and Safety

Parents are intrigued by Foam Clay for its unique characteristics. What makes Foam Clay stand out from other modeling materials, and how do manufacturers ensure a balance between creativity and safety in their products?

Foam Clay distinguishes itself in the world of modeling materials with its light, airy texture and versatility in creative applications. Manufacturers prioritize the creation of a product that not only stimulates a child's imagination but also adheres to stringent safety standards.

One key advantage of Foam Clay is its ease of use. The lightweight and pliable nature of the clay make it accessible to children of various ages and skill levels. It can be effortlessly molded into different shapes, encouraging creativity without the need for intricate tools or molds. This simplicity enhances the overall play experience, allowing children to freely express their artistic instincts.

Safety is a paramount concern for manufacturers of Foam Clay. The formulation of Foam Clay involves the use of non-toxic materials, ensuring that it is safe for children to handle. Compliance with international safety standards provides parents with confidence in the product's suitability for their child's play. Clear labeling on packaging communicates the safety features and guidelines, allowing parents to make informed choices.

2. Foam Clay Toys - Enhancing Playtime Joy with Educational Elements

Exploring Foam Clay Toys for children, parents wonder about the potential educational benefits. How do Foam Clay Toys contribute to a child's learning experience, and how do manufacturers infuse educational elements into these toys?

Foam Clay Toys go beyond mere play by incorporating educational elements that contribute to a child's learning experience. Manufacturers understand the significance of blending fun with subtle learning opportunities to enhance the overall playtime joy.

One notable feature of Foam Clay Toys is the inclusion of themed sets. Manufacturers often design Foam Clay sets that revolve around educational themes, such as animals, letters, or numbers. These themed sets not only capture a child's interest but also provide a platform for learning in a playful context. For example, a Foam Clay set featuring animal shapes can introduce children to different species while encouraging imaginative play.

Foam Clay Toys also contribute to the development of fine motor skills. The process of molding and shaping the clay involves intricate hand movements, promoting dexterity and coordination in children. Manufacturers consider the age-appropriate complexity of Foam Clay Toys, ensuring that they align with a child's developmental stage.

3. Snowflake Mud Clay - Embracing Winter Creativity

Parents are curious about Snowflake Mud Clay, wondering how it brings the winter spirit into play. What makes Snowflake Mud Clay unique, and how do manufacturers capture the essence of winter creativity in their products?

Snowflake Mud Clay brings the enchantment of winter into the realm of creative play. Manufacturers infuse unique qualities into Snowflake Mud Clay to capture the essence of winter creativity and provide children with a seasonal, imaginative experience.

One distinguishing feature of Snowflake Mud Clay is its texture, designed to mimic the soft and flaky qualities of snow. The clay is often formulated to have a cool, smooth feel, creating a sensory-rich experience reminiscent of winter play. The inclusion of glitter or sparkles further enhances the snow-like appearance, adding a touch of magic to the creative process.

Manufacturers consider the thematic aspect of Snowflake Mud Clay sets. These sets often include molds and tools shaped like winter icons such as snowflakes, snowmen, or winter animals. This not only adds to the winter theme but also provides children with specific elements to incorporate into their creations, fostering imaginative and seasonal play.