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Zhejiang Qiaoyi Toy Co., LTD.is a factory specializing in producing play dough,light-clay, modeling clay, foam clay, slime,thinking sand,stretchy sand and other DIY toys.
The factory was founded in 1995,covers an area of 45000 square meters,has more than 200 workshop employees,60 management and technical staffs.There are 12 mix machines, 24 injection molding machines, 18 automatic packing machines and 6 assembling lines.


Zhejiang Qiaoyi Toy Co., Ltd.

The factory was founded in 1995, covers an area of 45000 square meters, and has more than 200 workshop employees, and 60 management and technical staff. There are 12 mix machines, 24 injection molding machines, 18 automatic packing machines, and 6 assembly lines. QIAOYI has the adult BSCI, Sedex, Scan, FSC forest certificate, GCC, Wal-Mart, and Target factory inspection, and also has domestic 3C certification and IS09001 quality management system certification. We have OEM and ODM two patterns. All the Plasticine Shaping Toys products can pass the European and American standards, and now we have the reports of EN71, USP, BP, TRA, LHAMA, and MSDS. Our principle is "quality good, customer good", we sincerely welcome you to discuss business and have cooperated.

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Plasticine Clay Art Toys Industry Knowledge Extension

1. Are the materials used in Kiddies Handmade Toys safe and comply with international children’s toy safety standards?

Ensuring the safety of Kiddies Handmade Toys is paramount at QIAOYI Toy Manufacturer. Our commitment to child safety is reflected in the meticulous selection of materials, all of which undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed international children's toy safety standards. We prioritize non-toxic and child-friendly components to ensure that our Kiddies Handmade Toys provide a safe play environment for children. Each material used in the manufacturing process is carefully chosen not only for its quality but also for its adherence to global safety benchmarks. Parents can rest assured that when choosing Kiddies Handmade Toys from QIAOYI, they are selecting toys that prioritize the well-being of their children.

Throughout our production process, we employ materials that are free from harmful substances, ensuring that our Kiddies Handmade Toys are compliant with stringent safety regulations. From paints to fabrics and every component in between, we maintain a high standard of safety, providing parents with the confidence that their children can enjoy our toys without compromising their health or well-being.

Furthermore, our commitment to international safety standards extends beyond mere compliance. We conduct regular audits and inspections of our manufacturing facilities to guarantee that the entire process adheres to the strictest safety protocols. QIAOYI Toy Manufacturer takes pride in prioritizing child safety, making Kiddies Handmade Toys a reliable choice for parents who seek not only creativity and fun in toys but also an unwavering commitment to safety.

2. Is the plasticine from Plasticine Shaping Toys easy to clean, and will it leave any residue or stains after use?

Addressing the concerns regarding the cleanup of Plasticine Shaping Toys is essential to providing a hassle-free and enjoyable play experience. At QIAOYI, we understand the importance of easy cleanup for parents, and we have taken specific measures to make the process as convenient as possible.

Our Plasticine Shaping Toys are designed with non-sticky and easily malleable plasticine. This not only enhances the creative experience for children but also ensures that the plasticine does not leave stubborn residues or stains on surfaces. Parents can appreciate the simplicity of cleaning up after playtime, as the plasticine can be effortlessly removed from most surfaces with a damp cloth.

Moreover, the formulation of our plasticine prioritizes cleanliness, minimizing the likelihood of any lingering residues. We recognize the need for parents to maintain a tidy play area for their children, and our Plasticine Shaping Toys are crafted with this in mind. The emphasis on cleanliness extends to the choice of pigments used in the plasticine, ensuring that vibrant colors do not compromise the ease of cleanup.

In summary, QIAOYI's Plasticine Shaping Toys offer a mess-free creative experience, with the cleanup process being a straightforward and stress-free task for parents. We believe in providing a wholesome play environment where the focus remains on imaginative exploration without the added worry of challenging cleanup routines.

3. Does the air-drying clay in Clay Art Toys require additional tools or materials to preserve my child's art?

Addressing concerns about preserving children's artistic creations made with the air-dry clay in Clay Art Toys is vital for ensuring a lasting and meaningful experience. QIAOYI Toy Manufacturer recognizes the sentimental value attached to these creations and has designed our Clay Art Toys with preservation in mind.

The air-dry clay used in our Clay Art Toys is formulated to dry without the need for additional tools or materials. This user-friendly feature allows children to witness the transformation of their artistic endeavors into durable pieces without the complexity of baking or sealing. The simplicity of the drying process adds to the overall convenience for both children and parents.

Furthermore, once the creations are completely dry, they can be preserved without the requirement for extra tools or materials. QIAOYI encourages parents to celebrate and showcase their child's artistic achievements by either painting the dried clay or sealing it with a clear finish. These additional steps, while optional, enhance the durability and longevity of the artwork.

In essence, QIAOYI's Clay Art Toys provides a straightforward and accessible means for preserving children's artistic expressions. The air-dry clay's unique properties make it a versatile and hassle-free medium for creating lasting memories, emphasizing the joy of artistic exploration without the need for elaborate preservation measures.