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Lightweight Clay

Lightweight clay is a lightweight clay, also known as light clay or wax clay. It is a non-toxic craft material that is typically made from ingredients such as polymer binders, softeners and fillers. Compared to traditional clay, lightweight clay is lighter and easier to shape and manipulate.

Lightweight clay has several advantages. First, its softness and ease of stretching and flattening make it easy for children and adults to create a variety of shapes and models. Secondly, due to its lightweight nature, the items created are not too heavy, making them easy to carry and display. In addition, lightweight clay has a fast drying time and usually does not require drying to cure.

Crafting with lightweight clay inspires creativity and imagination. It is suitable for making a variety of arts and crafts, such as sculptures, miniatures, jewelry, dolls and more. Meanwhile, it is also an activity with relaxing and stress-relieving effects, allowing people to have fun and relax during the creative process.

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